Lamborghini Urus Price and Review

Lamborghini’s offer is based on two models: the V12 flagship Aventador and Gallardo, which it in the twilight of the life cycle. In order to significantly increase the sales and production, Lamborghini needed a third model, and this is no secret. Now, but back in 2008 it introduced the concept Estoque, Lamborghini supercar sedan seeing, classes in which the competition is very scarce, almost non-existent. Since then a lot of time and information that have appeared in the meantime, did not give any concrete answer on putting into production Estoque.

Lamborghini Urus price

For most people the first association in the name of Lamborghini supercar car, with doors that open vertically, but less well known is that the manufacturer of the period since 1986. until 1992. and produced a vehicle that was virtually the last of today’s luxury SUV. Then the competition was virtually non-existent, and the SUV segment was far from his golden period. With the right called the Rambo Lambo, model LM002 (LM Lamborghini Military) was the embodiment of supercars in field attire. Striking appearance and body made ​​up of mostly flat surfaces (for easy installation of armored panels) never left anyone indifferent. The whole project was started back in the seventies of the last century in response to the call for the construction of a new vehicle for the U.S. Army. The vehicle is called the Cheetah, the engine was placed behind, and the body was without doors and roof panels. However, the U.S. military has refused this offer, and select it now very famous HMMWV or a civilian version of the Hummer. After this failure, Lamborghini continued to experiment with the platform in hopes that their product will be able to sell the country hosts the Middle East for its outstanding off-road features (among other vehicle was capable of moving at a speed of 150 km / h in the sand). To improve the handling and stability of the engine is transferred forward, instead of American V8 was used to drive the V12 with 450 hp, which is shared with some changes to the Countach, the maximum speed reached a 210 km / h and accelerates to 100 km / h lasted for then during the short 7.8 seconds. LMA002 prototype was introduced in 1982. , and the final model was ready for production in 1986. Large military orders are lacking for many reasons, including the high cost and complexity of maintenance, so all the attention is focused on selling to individuals. Sales never met expectations and factories produced just over 300. However, the LM002 was a bold experiment, and author of a class that will reappear a quarter of a century later, to be honest, in a slightly altered form.

Lamborghini Urus interior

Lamborghini Urus production

The aim of the Lamborghini is the marketing of 3,000 units per year. If one takes into account that the total annual sales of super cars ever surpassed the figure of 2,500 copies, it is clear that the Lamborghini  Urus should be the model that makes the lion’s share of profits and growth generator super sport model.

Lamborghini Urus is a model with which Lamborghini aims to offer customers a vehicle that will be an essential daily usable, with a large boot and generous place for more passengers. Although modern super sport models of this manufacturer have a high degree of usability from the past (especially that referring to reliability and overall quality of the vehicle), super car coupes with its low ground clearance and limited internal space does not promise high-end functionality for multiple people in densely populated areas. With the ability of everyday usability will certainly expand the customer base, and even become the first car in the household for clients who already have another vehicle of the brand, and so far have had to make do with other manufacturers when purchasing vehicles for everyday family use. The target group of customers for the Lamborghini Urus are primarily recognized in the markets of USA, UK, Germany, Russia, the Middle East and China.

Lamborghini Urus Engine

Urus is a wild ancestor of today’s domestic cattle. How large wild bulls must have a strong heart, and Urus must have a powerful engine. It is the engine power of 600 horsepower, and integral drive means. It is also known that the power is transferred through a dual clutch transmission. What is not disclosed is the configuration of the engine, but it is likely that the choice will fall on the new turbo V8, but presented in a Bentley for just such an engine, with large amounts of torque at low engine speed corresponding to the character of the vehicle. Although pursued a maximum reduction of CO2 emissions to the extent that the Lamborghini Urus pollute less than all competitors in the class, the great mass of the vehicle will be inevitable, even with the abundant use of lightweight composite materials in the development of complete vehicles.

Lamborghini Urus Price

According to some announcements when this great SUV hits the market, its price will be less than $ 20,000.

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