Kia Provo Concept

The 2014 Kia Provo Concept was presented at the 83 International Automobile Salon in Geneva and were intrigued by the many visitors with its somewhat unusual appearance. Primary goal has been achieved, thanks to the “space” looks an increasing number of people are interested in the release date of this concept. Kia expects that 2014 Kia Provo be the dominant car in the B segment, where they will have the biggest competition in the Mini and the Citroen DS3.

Kia Provo concept side view

Kia Provo Overview and Interior

Interior of this vehicle is a combination of sporting casualness and elegance. As you can see in the picture 2014 Kia Provo dashboard looks perfect and easy. But we are not sure that the production version will be identical. The most interesting are the seats that are made in one part. Otherwise, these seats are special and economical passenger seat back as they leaned forward to not overlap, but the center console. Kia team of experts provide a variety of benefits to drivers. There are thought to depending on the driving mode (Normal. Cruise and Track) offer different information. Let’s Track mode is just for sport riders, which is very important tachometer, stopwatch and folders racing paths. In Normal mode, and cruise models are the most important speedometer with discrete navigation folder or with predominant speedometer with a large folder.

Kia Provo concept rear view

Basic Features

The 2014 Kia Provo Concept is 3.88 meters long and a width of 1.77 meters and height of 1.35 meters certainly one of the city vehicles. Frankfurt designers studio has made a real little miracle, 3 doors tourist looks, alloy wheels, great Otto’s air from the front, then a light one-piece, interesting front windshield. This model has a 1.6 GDI turbo diesel engine has 204 hp. The new concept is a new seven-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission. The Kia is rightly hoped that these model will be available in each market.

Kia Provo concept interior

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