2015 Toyota Supra specs

2015 Toyota Supra long ago was it when Supra train all over the world . It lasted until 2006, when she lost each track and the sound of its engines fell silent . Toyota and his team continued to work all their other vehicles and Supra remained somewhere in the corner to look at a better time . I welcomed . It came to a good time for this sports car but not the my early look , the signs are that the new Supra appear at the end of 2015.

2015 Toyota Supra Side

2015 Toyota Supra specs

2015 Toyota Supra above all, this is a sports car quality workmanship and very high perforamnsama . It was about 10 – 11 years ago was the last version of this model . Now we can say that the Supra futuristic , retrieved something from the FT – XS concept and from the FT – 86 Outward appearance, especially when it comes to the last part – the wings together with the logo are distinctive image of the former Supra . Alloy wheels give this sporty two-seater a powerful look . Also, these new lines were grown in to elegance and can be with the right to say that nostalgia plus modern and contemporary – give the desires of people as soon as possible behind the wheel of this vehicle . For the interior there is not enough information , so you should trust the words of the director Akio Toida , who argues that we should not expect much from this new vehicle. These expectations include improvements to the engine , design , security, and other features . The interior of the used carbon fiber as well as other high quality materials . Exceptional comfort seats are upholstered in leather with plenty of modern details that are of course useful . The Toyota Supra is the most invested in the technology sector . Modern elements of technology , a safety-grade systems , entertainment function has given this vehicle a high level of equipment.

2015 Toyota Supra Rear

2015 Toyota Supra engine

2015 Toyota Supra when it comes to the engine , there is no official information signs , unconfirmed that would be under the hood to find 5 -liter V8 engine with a production output of 450 hp and 383 lb – ft torque momet further , it is possible to be a 3 , 5 liter V6 engine with an output of 350 hp and 275 lb – ft of torque. Well, there is now mention the hybrid V6 engine with a maximum output of 400 hp. No matter which engine decide the leading men of the famous brands of Toyota, will not be mistaken because we believe in their work as I always do now .

2015 Toyota Supra Interior

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