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2015 Toyota Pirus long hiding Information about the redesign of the Toyota Prius . I now have enough information other than generalized . According to the previous work of the Japanese auto industry do not doubt the quality of the model Prius vehicles in 2015 , in each segment. No one knows where they will shine car show , just know that it will be early next year.

 2015 Toyota Pirus Side

2015 Toyota Prius news

2015 Toyota Prius can be proud to present this vehicle as its fourth generation of the best selling hybrid vehicle in the world . Better position Autmobile will remember his ogormnog success of the Toyota Prius , which many people on all continents just loved it. That’s why Toyota is now in a difficult task , since it must justify its predecessor , which has set high standards . The first information that could be reached were that this new model will be available as a plug – in hybrid , V – coupe, C – subcompact sedan and the classic . It has a wide selection of all in order to please the potential customers of these powerful vehicles . Spy images revealed only one and that is , that there will be changes to the exterior of the vehicle as completely masked and camouflaged . What is the exterior that really do not know , there are only conjecture that the hood slightly greater , the vehicle sits lower and looks more elegant compared to the previous model . Further, we find out about weight loss – thanks to the use of lighter materials, better aerodynamics is a far better vehicle handling . The interior of the new Prius is unknown. Learned only on the use of materials of quality in the cabin , which has received a larger area , then obagacen infotajment systems and technology functions at a high level. One of the most important fact is that the Prius has a new platform , Toyota new global architecture – TNGA that provides all the improvements in ride .

2015 Toyota Prius

2015 Toyota Prius review

2015 Toyota Prius Prius Chief Engineer Satoshi Ogiso Mr. vehicle claims far better fuel economy , better battery electric power and improved engine performance gas technology . Listening to his words should not be trusted because of his knowledge and experience ogromono . Most likely, but not confirmed , because it still does not know that there will be 1.8-liter four-cylinder paired with a more powerful electric motor . Likely that Toyota will increase production of lithium – ion batteries , but nickel – a hybrid battery . Drive electric motor will probably be on the rear wheels . We hope that may soon have accurate and reliable information .

2015 Toyota Pirus

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