2015 Subaru Legacy

Also read 2016 Subaru Legacy review. Car manufacturer Subaru brand, has announced that the brand new 2015 Subaru Legacy model ‘s world premiere at the Motor Show in Chicago. Subaru ” Legacy” this year celebrates its anniversary , 25 year of production of the first model under this name , and the Japanese manufacturer has decided to please all fans of ” Legacy” and significantly improve it . Subaru ” Legasi ” is a mid-size car , with the goal of vehicles under the brand a competitive market in America and Europe . The first ” Legacy” was officially released in 23 January in 1989. in Japan . Distribution of this model in the world began in 1990. and until then produced several million vehicles .

2015 Subaru Legacy side

Thanks to the numerous models and technologically advanced performance , Subaru models carry a reputation as an unconventional compared to other manufacturers with the Asian continent . However , ” legasy ” was quickly accepted , as are its features and innovations from model to model each generation seemed more original . Following the success of the first model in 1990. year , which was declared the best-selling in America , Fuji Heavy Industries has continued to bring customers a new version of this car . Thus, the ” legasy ” during the 25th The existence experienced five generations , while in Chicago announced the presentation of the sixth . The brand new ” Legasi ” enhances manageability and functionality. With a distinctive design and shape that is adapted and faster rides , new styling ” legasy ” attached to the functionality of the vehicle. The concept of the new Subaru ” Legasy ” model was presented at the Salon in Los Angeles during the 2013th year.

2015 Subaru Legacy rear

It is expected that a great popularity among the fans of this model Subaru vehicles , as they will have the best performance that will bring ” peace and joy ” of driving . New 2015 Subaru Legacy to the U.S. should launch 2.5-liter four cylinder with 129 kW/173 hp and a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine with 186 kW/250 hp ( both paired with a CVT transmission and permanent four -wheel ) . In Europe, of course, to be expected and the 2.0-liter diesel engine with 150 hp. As a reminder , the above mentioned Legacy Concept of Fair in Los Angeles is 4930 mm long , 1940 mm wide , 1500 mm high , while the wheelbase is 2880 mm .

2015 Subaru Legacy interior

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