2015 Mercedes S 600 Pullman

2015 Mercedes S 600 Pullman Model for a very long wait for a reason there is a great interest in him . The S 600 Pullman is considered one of the leading models of Mercedes. But everybody knows that it is a direct competitor greatly concerned – and this is the Rolls Royce Phantom . This vehicle is adorned badge Pullman , so sure that he would remain the name. The new model is much bigger and can start to replace models Maybach sedan Maybach 62 and 57 For all fans of the Mercedes , the information is to be held in April can enjoy this model at the Motor Show in Beijing.

2015 Mercedes S 60 Pullman side

2015 Mercedes S 600 Pullman review

2015 Mercedes S 600 Pullman what can be said for such a luxury model . The abundance of wealth , luxury, attractive design , high quality of the materials used and the car -to the Pullman . It should be noted also a longer wheelbase and Magic Body Control . It is extremely scanning times by a radar scan all the bumps and potholes on the road surface . Then the data is returned to the Magic Body Control , in order to adjust the suspension for optimum light ride. The new model sedan is built on the same platform with – a difference that is slightly longer , about 6 to 12 inches . Exclusive model tracks and unique styling , a new more powerful grille , luxurious light and aggressive wheels . Interior exceptional comfort , ambience exudes sophistication with high-quality leather , wood, simply make driving more ideal . Model Pullman can boast the highest quality and most advanced technological elements , systems and functions , in addition to making it easier and beautify – make driving very safe This vehicle will surely be offered with several levels of trim .

2015 Mercedes S 60 Pullman rear

2015 Mercedes S 600 Pullman price

2015 Mercedes S 600 Pullman but narrower time period it was the choice of powertrains for this beauty. Most likely the elections will fall to the very powerful 6 0 LV 12 twin turbo engine . There is information about the 5.5 L twin turbo V 12 a justified reason that will appear and a hybrid drive , at some future time . Manufacturing output is expected around 600 hp, a very good sound . As a direct competitor , but it is known that the Rolls -Royce Ghost , Bentley Flying Spur and the Bentley Continental GTC . Otherwise , it is expected that the new S 600 Pullman to have the best sales in China . German manufacturer with this model regained status Mercedes -Benz as the best luxury car in the world . When it comes to prices , we assume that this model will be one of the most expensive models in the S-Class . The projected price of the branded vehicles will move 250 000 to 300 000 dollars . The production version is expected in late 2014.

2015 Mercedes S 60 Pullman interior

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