2015 BMW X6 Engines, Interior

2015 BMW X6 as second generation X6 announced his arrival with minor modifications , to the delight of fans of BMW cars. The above sipmaticni Coupe Crossover , though well disguised during the test drive , I found some changes. Despite the fact that we do not know price is not known release date only known to the showrooms will be richer for these vehicles in mid- 2014. Yes, it is known that the X6 and certainly offer more and better than its predecessor , even though he received high marks and good passage of the overall market. Otherwise X6 dates from 2008 and this new version now carries the F16 .

 2015 BMW X6 Side

2015 BMW X6 picture

2015 BMW X6 when it comes to the exterior , not much changes. BMW professional team and top exterior of predecessors , proving that the big changes and there was no need . BMW X6 shares its platform with the model’s X5 in 2014. The dimensions are about the same except that the new X6 lose weight something around 200 pounds, hence got the economical improve aerodynamics and fuel consumption. What is different is the length of the bumper by about 1.3 inches . The front end is now hurting lay down and merged with rear deck, kidney grilles is wider and rounder . Xenon headlights are otherwise standard on the X6 as an upgrade available adaptive LED headlights . In addition to the other plan includes black chrome exhaust pipes and trim , dark glass. This includes and 20 inch wheels . BMW X6 model’s 2015 is now enriched with a wider choice of colors. Accurate information about the interior X6 do not have but we are confident that it will be added more elegance and sophistication. It is important to note that the BMW infotainment improved in every way.

2015 BMW X6 Rear

2015 BMW X6 engine

2015 BMW X6 famous Bavarian manufacturer continues the rich tradition of choice and offer motoran . And this time when it comes to the X6, its customers BMW offered the following : 3.0 -liter Turbo TvinPover six – cylinder engine that produces 258 hp and 560 Nm of torque coin then three turbo 3.0 liter 6 – cylinder with 381 hp and 740 Nm of torque , there is a 4.4 -liter V8 TvinTurbo engine with 450 hp and 650 Nm of torque. Automatic eight speed transmission will be available on all models . Competitors of this vehicle are the BMW X5 , Mercedes Benz M-Class and the Audi Q7 . BMW automobile brand has always been at the height of the ladder when the traffic safety comes , thanks to the many controls and systems you have.

2015 BMW X6 Interior

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