2015 BMW X3 review

Get used to the continuous improvement and redesigning its model of the famous car manufacturer, had any doubt that we will soon introduce a new model X3. BMW as a brand and as a general all of its vehicle models, represented in all parts of the world and is highly respected and loved by all ages. Whether it is a new redesigned model X5 , X6 and X3 , all equally worthy of much attention. The exact release date of the model X3 2015 is not specified , but we have some information to make that happen now in March at the Geneva Motor Show . Otherwise, this is the second generation 2015 BMW X3 , from which the famous Bavarian manufacturer , much is expected .

2015 BMW X3 Side

2015 BMW X3 changes

For testing of medium-sized cars, and BMW X3 prototype in 2015 , it was quite a bit of camouflage, we are of course talking about it, it will not be big radical changes . As for the exterior, the headlights have undergone changes both in terms of LED lights. Interestingly, the turn signals LED strips enriched with a halo grouped in lighting , which certainly gives a more powerful and modern styling vehicle . By espionage footage , you can see the front and rear bumpers , which are now more rounded. Maybe these changes are minor and we can even say minimal and there is a justification for certain requests . The previous model X3 , had very good reviews and excellent sales, so it was declared a model for season 2011. When he came out , it quickly became very popular , and hence no wonder , why is his successor, left much of the same , that is, with minimal changes . Why change what is good , we should continue to pursue the same path with tiny improvement, the currency of the Bavarian experienced producers. About the interior, we can say that they are slightly effected changes for the better , of course . Primarily it is an improved instrument panel and center console . Knowing very well the work of BMW teams of designers and experts from all other areas , we have no doubt in improving the technological elements and the use of quality materials. Special attention was paid to the navigation system and voice control , and security systems . Hence it is not surprising that the BMW vehicles all the time at the top .

2015 BMW X3 Rear

2015 BMW X3 engine

When the drivetrain comes with the model 2015 BMW X3 , gotten to be very fast rumors , saying that – what is good should not be changed , is applied in this model. So that under the hood of the X3 will remain good proven powertrain , and that is certainly base 2.0-liter turbo four and with a production output of 240 hp. We know that the offer is reflected in the optional 3.0 -liter turbo engine, which has the capacity to generate 300 hp. We believe that the BMW X3 , a model in 2015 , will continue through its predecessor , as well as a modern and luxurious vehicle .

2015 BMW X3 Interior

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