2015 Audi TT release date, price

2015 Audi TT for this sports car with a very solid performance and affordable price , are associated with most of the younger generation . If you remember the previous generation TT , maybe he could have gone better in the market with respect to its capabilities. Do not be in doubt , and again go through the same stages of target men Companies Audi have decided that the new vehicle TT the model year 2015 , and gave high performance and various improvements in all segments. As head of Audi Group Mr Ferdinand Piech , personally pushed for this model with the intention of a new vehicle TT lineup on the top of powerful sports cars in the entire market . As konkurnecija new TT appeared the vehicle and as a Porsche Cayenne , BMW Z 4, and Mercedes Benz SLK – Class. Will be in town Ingolstadt in Germany , accomplish everything together envisioned the Audi Company remains to wait for the nearing debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show .

 2015 Audi TT side

2015 Audi TT as three generations of the vehicle TT the model year 2015 , and the change is much of an improvement . The vehicle was left at originals , because that would be recognizable . According to our main goal for the design and engineering team is that the new model reclaim the spirit and glory of the original. The front of the car stands out with angular headlights , specific grille and very clean lines . Inner TT vehicles characterized by a conservative style with quality materials and with a certain amount of sophistication . It is interesting to mention that the new model all the information coming from the 12, 3 inch screen , which is behind the wheel of a vehicle that does not have a central display .

2015 Audi TT rear

2015 Audi TT release and price

The new model 2015 Audi TT is built on a platform Wolksvagen MKB Group – naverano which leads to a reduction in overall vehicle weight and with it the indirect effects in the form of improved fuel consumption. When we talk about the powertrain , most likely it will be a 2 0 liter turbocharged 4 – cylinder engine , as it was in the previous model. The power that the products of this engine is 220 hp. However , depending on the version upgrades and TT models , manufacturing strength will of course vary. To mention some , such as TTS with an output of 300 hp and TTRS with 380 hp. Front-wheel drive is standard on the base model and the other driven by all four wheels. At the end of this year is expected to hit the market new TT models with a price of 43 500 and 45 000 dollars.

2015 Audi TT interior

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