2014 Tesla Model S

From Fermont, California comes a new 2014 Tesla Model S. It can be said that so far, this model has not suffered a grand success, which does not necessarily mean that there will not be, because electric vehicles are still in their infancy. Tesla Model S is the third year of struggling to be the best electric car in the world. Its design is superb, and has excellent performance, something tells us that for the Tesla better days are coming.

2014 Tesla Model S side view

It is normal that this model have common items as well as its predecessor. The external appearance of the S is completely aerodynamic. It is long, low and subtly tapers towards the front, so it has an aerodynamic nose. Experts from Tesla and the door handles retract flush with the vehicle body for aerodynamics. The weight of this vehicle is extremely low, about 4600 pounds because for the most part from aluminum. By outward appearance resembles the Jaguar. Exceptional exterior wash and interior such. Perfect, but just simply elegant lines give a special atmosphere when you’re inside, the comfortable leather seats. Model has plenty of room enriched 17 inch touch screen, internet access, digital instrument panel, climate control, audio navigation and so on.

2014 Tesla Model S interior

Electric cars like the 2014 Tesla Model S, have usually two battery packs of different sizes. They are 60 and 85 kilowatt hours. Using the experiences of owners of electric cars, reports that the EPA numbers in proportion with the actual results. The standard engine goes up to 270 kilowatts of power of 362 horsepower. More power than it provides greater than 301 kilowatt battery which already produces the power of 416 horsepower. This electric model S achieves an exceptionally acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds. Everyone this vehicle has an integrated 10 – kilowatt charger, while vehicles with 60 and 85 kWh battery packs sending the message to the other 10 kW and battery. Household outlet is 240 volts full for about 4 hours. As far as safety is a high level. Otherwise Tesla Model S received 5 stars from NHTSA, just for the safety, thanks to the 8 air bags and safety systems such as traction control, anti – lock brakes and tire monitoring system.

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