2014 Lincoln Navigator Review

Lincoln still a breathtaking sight , because it does not matter whether you love it or not, this SUV is simply put, plus the prestige luxury . Although unchanged for model 2014 it just attracts all generations alike, their styling and quality. Despite the fact that the 2014 Lincoln Navigator bit old-fashioned , its simplicity and the famous American himself, he remains a favorite vehicle.

2014 Lincoln Navigator Side

2014 Lincoln Navigator redesign

The external appearance of this luxurious and powerful SUV exudes tradition and can be classified in a retro style. 2014 Lincoln Navigator with a great grating , but proportionally huge dimensions, with a lot of chrome on it , Navigator confident strides forward . The interior is matched with the exterior , which means that the interior of the retro style. Comfort is, is spacious but there still something missing. It is the opinion of many , the lack of high-tech systems – Lincoln MiLincoln Touch. Keeping pace with the times and develop a variety of technological innovations , people that still somehow very lacking. Although it is equipped with a top , like its competitors , in 2014 Lincoln Navigator has satellite radio, THX II audio system , power Moonroof , Remote start, alarm , adjustable pedals, detection system , DVD system in the rear seat. As for the seats , front with a means of heating and cooling and the third row is foldable . What are decorated interior and leather upholstery on the seat and the use of wood for some of the simpler details. Lincoln Navigator gets in length , some 14.7 inches, which increases the luggage space, which is normally sufficient.

2014 Lincoln Navigator Rear

2014 Lincoln Navigator review

In addition, the market is littered with smashed new , powerful engine , 2014 Lincoln Navigator is very good holding and survives on the scene thanks in part to its sharp – handling. Compared with its competitors in its class SUV , Navigator is not something quick , only produces 310 HP . This power gives 5.4 -liter V8 engine and a good 6-speed automatic transmission . We offer rear- and all-wheel drive . When it comes to security , it is not known why the tests were done not for a long time . But, it took care Navigator , so he has a front parking sensors , rearview mirror camera system , airbags , air curtains, stability control , anti- lock brakes and other systems belonging to road safety .

2014 Lincoln Navigator Interior

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