2015 Mercedes Benz C 63 review

As the number one issue, but a longer period is precisely this new model 2015 Mercedes Benz C 63 Mercedes as one of the most famous brands and to the whole world, and every time so far, when you throw a new model, win the market and maximal sympathy, for a very short time. Presentation of the C-class has caused huge interest and the announcement of a new model C 63, is eagerly waiting for. At the Detroit Motor Show, held recently, the Mercedes sedan middle class, elicited gasps of admiration at present. Nothing less can be expected from such a global company.2015 Mercedes-Benz C 63 side

2015 Mercedes Benz C 63 review

2015 Mercedes Benz C 63 This compact sedan has been recorded during the test and on the basis of recordings prototype although it was partially camouflaged – much can and find out. Although it will be more time to appear in showrooms , the interest is great but we could not find on which the figure was word . There is no doubt that the engineering and design teams have done a quality job , because here comes the tradition of quality. The new model, the 2015 Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG donated body kit , sport tuned suspension , new AMG wheels and more. Like any model C -class , and the C 63 has exterior and interior full of luxury and power. The lines of this model sports an elegant complete with exceptional lighting . The sumptuous interior except perfect comfort and luxury, rich technological elements that are the last word innovation and achievements in technical and technological terms . Advanced a security systems are No. 1 in the world , with the latest generation ifotainmenta and brand new touchpad interface .

2015 Mercedes-Benz C 63 rear

2015 Mercedes Benz C 63 as we heard , Under the Hood powerful vehicles will be located previously a 6.2 L naturally aspirated engines , but a smaller engine . That ‘s 4.0 L V 8 twin turbo petrol engine . Clarification of this election , he gave one of the leaders of AMG , Mr. Tobias Mers , who noted that this is in fact a combination of two AMG 2.0L 4 – cylinder turbo engine . And as the main objective and also the motto of the Mercedes, a parallel – operation to improve the fuel consumption with a constantly increasing power output . It should be noted a stronger brakes and a new sports exhaust system . The ability of the engine to produce 450 hp and 500 hp , which we have to admit that with all the features and power provided by this model , looks very tempting .

2015 Mercedes-Benz C 63

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